Baptism FAQ

In response to frequently asked questions:

  • We do not need to have two parents present at baptism, and we do not need to have two parents make the baptismal promises.

  • Godparents are not a requirement in the United Church. In fact, Godparents are not an official part of our United Church tradition. If you wish to have people stand up with you at your child’s baptism, you are invited and welcome to do so.

  • Your child already has a legal name, whether or not he or she has been baptized. It is not a part of United Church tradition to change a child’s name at baptism.

  • Baptism in the United Church of Canada is recognized by all denominations of the Christian Church which practice infant baptism.

  • You will be given a Certificate of Baptism during the worship service, and your child’s baptism will be recorded in our Baptismal Register. A copy of the Baptismal Register is sufficient proof of baptism for Separate Schools and for the courts.

  • There is no fee for baptism. Donations are always appreciated.

  • There are no requirements with regard to how a child is dressed for baptism.

If, after reading this and considering its content, you decide to have your child baptized, please call the Church Office at (416) 461-7200 and make an appointment with the minister. We would expect that you attend our worship services prior to making your final decision. This would enable you to get a feel for the congregation and to meet the staff. Our worship time is Sunday at 10:15 AM.

Let us assure you that we’re a welcoming and friendly congregation, and that we truly would like you and your children to become a part of the “Kimbourne Park Family.” Our bottom line with regard to baptism is that we are flexible, understanding and realistic.

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