We're kid-friendly!

Our kids are active, and that's OK here.

Each service has a time when the kids are invited to sit with the minister and discover fresh ways of understanding ancient stories. Our kids even learn about meditation and mindfulness or as we like to call the experience “sitting with God”

Afterwards, the kids leave the service and  go downstairs to continue exploring the stories in small groups called Sunday School. Our teachers match the children’s program with what is happening upstairs.

Sometimes little ones don’t want to join the small group. We understand. We have a play area right in the church that they are always welcomed to use.

Often you will see one of our toddlers testing  out their legs and their curiosity. We remind parents that the children are safe to wander.  Being a small group we are like a neighbourhood. We watch, we care, we understand.

Downstairs, you'll find a changing table for your baby and a toddler-sized toilet made especially for your young child.