Church service FAQ

Puzzled about what you should/can/can't do during church services? Here are some questions that newcomers have asked.


Not preachy. Not judgy. Just comfortable. Dress as you like and enjoy the upbeat worship, spiritual videos, and compelling sermons.

Most church services are 60 minutes, or a little longer if communion is involved. If you need to leave during a service, no one will complain if you slip out.

We suggest newcomers to enter through the front red door; someone will greet you in the gathering areas and offer you a bulletin with the order of service in it. You will find hymnbooks and bibles in the pews.

You can sit where you would like: front, middle or back.

  • If you have children, they are welcome to sit with you for the first part of the service;
  • Then, they will be invited to the front to sit with the minister during Children’s Time.
  • Afterwards, if your child would like to join the church school, they may follow the group downstairs and continue the celebration, or they may stay up in the church, sitting with you or playing quietly in the dedicated play area.

Two public unisex washrooms are found in the church basement:

  • A single-person one at the end of the back hall;
  • A larger washroom with diaper-changing facilities and an additional, kid-sized toilet to the side of the large church hall.

If you are not sure what to do, just follow everyone else or, if you prefer, you can just remain seated throughout the service. You are under no obligation to join in any of the singing or even to like the music. We know we don't all have the same musical tastes and we don't expect you to, either.

You are not expected to contribute to the work of the church (that's our responsibility), so don't feel embarrassed to pass the collection plate to the next person without putting anything in it. Many church members contribute directly through their bank accounts, so you won't be the only one just passing the plate on. If you do wish to contribute an offering, you can use the envelopes in the pews indicating your name and address so we can issue a tax receipt to you.

After the Sunday morning services, tea, coffee, juice and of course cookies are served in the church hall. “Just follow the crowds!”

Come and experience worship, Kimbourne style. Join us at our next service:

I like Kimbourne Park because…

I love [our minister] Michael. He's fun. He brings pop culture and our daily life into his sermons. I also like our potlucks and "passing the peace" because I get to share the experience of church with friends and family and others very close to me.